Stop Rebecca Barbe from making baseless assumptions about video games

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Rebecca Barbe wants to take Detroit: Become Human off of store shelves in Australia due to a trailer which depicts domestic abuse.

Rebecca Barbe even goes as far as saying that Detroit: Become Human is "advocating child abuse." Despite the fact that the trailer depicts the abuse and the abuser as being entirely abhorrent.

She quotes a retired psychologist who claims that "games like this are worse than films as they are immersive and involve young people in the act of violence" in an attempt to unearth an argument which claims there is a link between video games and violent behaviour, even though there are countless studies which claim otherwise:

Australian film makers are currently producing a short film which depicts abuse, yet it has received a wholly positive response: 

Rebecca Barbe is a part of a tired movement which seeks to demonise video games. The primary issues which have been taken up with this game is that it a) advocates abuse (which is entirely false) and b) that abuse depicted in an interactive video game will have a stronger impact on whether or not a person will be influenced to themselves commit abuse. There is plenty of evidence to contradict that sentiment, as such, I believe that Rebecca Barbe is simply attempting to censor a piece of art.