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Apart from the physical damage [abuse & potential contraction of diseases,] rape causes severe trauma & social injuries, such as isolation & emotional pain such as depression.

When a victim of rape realises what has occurred, they feels like if the world suddenly turnd against them — they can not trust anyone, fear strikes their heart & fear plagues their mind.
Thoughts of blame & guilt that comes up from questions like „Why did I not shout louder?“ or „Why was I at this place in the first place? Did I dress provocative? Did I say something that I should have not, or should have I fought harder?“
In the instance of rape, there is no comfort if no one helps you out.
The only mechanism that keeps you in place is the thought of fear, but either your are silenced by it or silenced by the predator.
Whether the victim is married or engaged, dressed unorthodox or simply did not have the voice to say „No“ — it is NOT their fault. The blame is the predator, who had the decision to proceed the abuse or to control the sick desire to hurt someone just to satisfy themselves. Let us be the voice of those who may be silenced.

Rape is stealing from the victim. They unwillingly are forced to give up themselves to a situation they did not intentionally agree to. & if you argue that unconscious sexual activity/date rape is not rape — it is simply put as burglary. Not aware of your surroundings, the victim have something taken from them, but are not sure exactly what. Just an eerie feeling to, again, torment their lives. A blurry image, a puzzle-piece with no hope to be solved.

Rape can be prevented. Through public awareness of this horrifying crime, a sin far worse than murder. Living through life with such thoughts & torment of the past or suicide of fear & loss of dignity, if that may be all the self-esteem that a human can have — all are the cruel reality that happens throughout the world.

Please, sign this petition to let it know that there is someone in this world who disapproves of this abuse. No one deserves to be put into this situation, & arguably not even the predator themselves should have been or should be raped.

Do you support the conviction of a rapist? Do you agree to protect the victim of such horrible situation that will make sure that the predator be put away from harming the victim again or harming others? This petition considers rape in general, from drug-impaired victims to the victims too young to fend for themselves. Thank you for reading my voice. Now share yours.

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