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This is a picture of my home in Pinellas County, Florida that was stolen from me by real estate racketeers with the help of the Largo Police Department, real estate agents and neighbors; 700 Starkey Road #213 (A3 in the public record) Largo, Florida 33771 - The Villas of Forestbrook.

Stop rape and stalking for real estate in Florida! Some cops are protecting rapists and stalkers in Pinellas County, Florida, which is obstruction of justice that the FBI has been ignoring. Women's and children's lives are more important than stolen art and bank robberies, yet we are not even on the agenda. Investigate and prosecute rape, stalking and murder for real estate in Florida now. This is a hate crime directed primarily at women. My body is not a toy! My home is not a playground! My life is not a game for this rich and twisted subculture of men and women in America! 

Hold a press conference to warn women about stalking, rape, and murder for real estate. Investigate this criminal enterprise immediately. It is wrong that only Racketeers and their children know about this criminal operation. All Americans have a right to know!   

My daughter was a sweet 8 year old little girl when we were stalked out of our home by dangerous criminals trespassing, gaslighting, threats, and damaging my property daily for years. Then we were stalked again out of another home in Largo, Florida when she was only 14 years old in the 9th grade. I was drugged, raped, tortured with high decibel sound, sleep deprived for years with remote controlled sound and threatened by Largo cops when I asked for their help. The stalking involved trespassing, gaslighting, destruction of my property, threats of breast cancer, rape, drugging me, psychological harassment, poisoning my food, human torture, threats by cops, cops shadowing me and my teen daughter daily with their cars.

Being stalked is frightening, physically exhausting, and incredibly painful to be tortured with sound. Now I have breast cancer. All Americans have the right to live in their homes in peace and privacy.

Let's put an end to this violent practice of terrorizing moms and kids out of their homes and community by dangerous real estate investors who create distressed sales through aggravated stalking, rape, and "unprovable" murder. I am still being stalked. My daughter is now 21 years old. Please charge and prosecute these dangerous criminals! Please create Real Estate Racketeering Task Forces. 

Ask Attorney General Bondi, Special Agent in Charge of the FBI Tampa Division Kevin Ray Eaton, Sheriff Bob Gualtieri, State Attorney Bernie McCabe, and the Largo Florida Police Chief John Carroll for JUSTICE and to hold a press conference immediately to at least WARN women of this heinous violent criminal enterprise that sadly involves some members of law enforcement, the very people who are suppose to protect us! The polilce chief of Largo was Chief Lester Aradi and the Sheriff was Jim Coats when my daughter and I were terrorized for years of our lives from the time she was 8 years old. I believe that these men may have known that children and mothers were being terrorized by criminal cops for years under their watch and they refused to act on behalf of the children and mothers of Pinellas County, Florida. If that is true, they should be held criminally accountable.  

I have been stalked for 12 years starting from the very first day my ex husband, Billy Stearns of Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, moved out of our Florida home and headed to South Carolina and it has never stopped since; Florida, Washington, and Pennsylvania. And if you have read this far, you might find it even more shocking that my very own family, both nuclear and extended, has never supported me and my child against these dangerous criminals. So, now, I have no one in my life. Believe it or not, Real Estate Racketeers dedicate their lives to preventing targeted individuals from finding each other or other non racketeers to share their lives with. If the targeted individual will not marry  a racketeer, then the real estate racketeer community will punish the targeted individual and make it impossible to meet anyone by using gossip, financial ruin, and preventing the TI from finding gainful employment.  

Thank you for caring. Please, think about all the children in Florida who are being stalked out of their homes, their schools, and their community in Pinellas County, Florida so that that real estate racketeers and their kids can have more things; houses, cars, boats, clothes, jewelry, you name it. It's how they make their living; they terrorize little kids, single moms, and the elderly out of their homes to flip properties and turn them for a  huge profit after they create a Racketeer induced foreclosure. I am asking Grow Financial (aka MacDill Federal Credit Union) to join me in publicly decrying stalking famillies out of their homes. I am asking Grow Financial and the banking community to be a solution to this problem by creating a system by which consumers can report Gang Stalking Activity to the banks. The banks would maintain a public online map of reported Gang Stalking Activity so that buyers will know where the Gang Stalking neighborhoods are and not to buy property there, and lenders will know where not to lend money. I can't even rent out my property in Florida because racketers will continue creating plumbing and air conditioning problems and will harass my tenants. I have no choice but to go into foreclosure because they harass prospective buyers and do things to my property and the surrounding property to make my property undesirable to prospective buyers. This is a way of life in Pinellas County, Florida making many investors and real estate agents rich.    

Again, thank you for caring. They say that the darkness eventually will be shown in the light. This is what I hope to do and to protect Pinellas County's children from the teachers, cops, and medical professionals who stalk them out of their homes and rape and murder their mothers for real estate deals!  

Letter to
Attorney General of the State of Florida The Honorable Pam Bondi
Special Agent in Charge Tampa, Florida FBI Mr. Kevin Ray Eaton
Sheriff Pinellas County, Florida Mr. Bob Gualtieri
and 3 others
State Attorney 6th Judicial Court Florida Mr. Bernie McCabe
CEO of Grow Financial (aka MacDill Federal Credit Union) Mr. Robert Fisher
Police Chief Largo, Florida Mr. Jeffrey Unestad
I believe that some members of the Largo, Police department and the Pinellas County Sheriff's department and their friends are participating in stalking, raping, and murdering single female homeowners in Pinellas County, Florida and that it has been a way of life for decades in Pinellas County, Florida based on my personal experience of having been stalked out of two homes in Pinellas County, Florida. The cops who I think are involved in this are officer Steve Calderone, Officer Amanda Gay - Largo, PD, Officer Zito, Officer Madden, Officer Snyder - Pinellas County, Sheriff's Department. I also believe that chief Lester Aradi and Sheriff Coats might have been aware that there is a war on single female homeowners by gang stalkers and their cop friends to stalk, rape, and murder single women in "unprovable" ways in order to obtain cheap buys on property by creating distressed sales through stalking, trespassing, rape, and murder.

My child and I were stalked out of 10352 Longwood Drive 33777 (2001), and 700 Starkey Road #213, Largo, Florida 33771 (2006 -2012), and my Auburn, WA home (2007/2008). I believe cops are involved in stalking children and moms, raping the mothers, and murdering single female homeowners. I am asking for your help and justice. I believe that Victor Bardales of Riverview, Florida and Manuel Solis of Redington Shores, Florida were hired to drug, rape, and murder me in the "unprovable" ways with the help of members of law enforcement and that Joe Rubino of Largo, Florida - my former neighbor, my brother Thomas W. Brown, his wife Linda of Auburn, WA, and Mike Mucci of Belleair, Florida - my former coworker at Clearwater Central Catholic High School who expressed a "love" interest in me after my divorce from Billy Stearns of Hilton Head Island, South, Carolina, conspired to commit these crimes against me and my child. Rex Blake of the Florida State Attorney's Office was in charge of the rape investigation. If he or his boss had personal or professional connections to any of the above people then he should be required to recuse himself.

Also, I moved to Pennsylvania and it appears that the apartment manager, Chas, was hired to coordinate stalking, trespassing, and murdering me by members of my community and the staff (2013). I ended up in the hospital for 2 weeks with a stomach infection which I believe was attempted murder by those who are trespassing in my home. No matter where I go in the United States, someone contacts the local yahoos to harm me and cops shadow me with their cars.

I believe my home and my drugged body were poisoned to give me cancer, which I now have. If I am right, then it is highly likely that they have conspired to stalk, rape, and murder others and will continue to do so. That is why these crimes must be addressed and justice must be served. I do not believe that these people organized just to harm one woman and her child. It appears to be a way of life; stalking, raping, and murdering women (men?) for real estate!

Please investigate and stop these people! I am asking Special Agent Kevin Ray Eaton - Tampa, Attorney General Pam Bondi, Sheriff Bob Gualtieri, State Attorney 6th Judicial Court - Bernie McCabe, and Police Chief John Carroll to:

1) hold a press conference to inform Americans that women are being stalked, tortured with sound, raped and murdered in "unprovable" ways to create distressed sales for dangerous real estate investors.

2) Provide a direct telephone line to the sheriff for the women (or men) being gang stalked out of their homes and the community at least temporarily.

3) Create Gang Stalking Task Forces to end this violent criminal enterprise once and for all and provide support to the public. Identify for the public neighborhoods that are controlled by Gang Stalking "investors".

4) Protect the children of Pinellas County from real estate predators.

Thank you for caring about the women and children of Pinellas County, Florida. This violent crime causes women and children emotional trauma, physical harm and economic distress. All Americans have the right to live in their homes in peace and privacy.

For more information on my Gang Stalking experience, please see my petition attached and a California woman's petition attached that seeks justice and help too. Thank you.

My petition on Change:

A California woman's Gang Stalking petition:

Catherine Stearns
Grove City, Pennsylvania

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