Petition Update

Help Promote The Petition: Raccoon Dogs Skinned Alive

Protection 4 Animals

Feb 8, 2012 — I am taking this unusual step because we ONLY have 14,000 plus signature for this very important Petition to find ways to raise the profile & get more signatures.
1. Please Nominate @StopFurTrade for a Shorty Award in #animalactivists
2. Please Nominate @StopFurTrade for a Shorty Award in #Activism
3. Please LIKE my page Protection 4 Animals and follow on twitter @P4Animals
4. Please LIKE my page StopFurTrade and follow on twitter @StopFurTrade

These 4 actions will take a few minutes of your time, please do not ignore this appeal, as simple & mundane as it may seem to you, initially, if everyone follows all 4 steps, it then has an automatic knock on affect.

While you have been reading this 2 Dogs have been Beaten & Skinned Alive, they are now lying in the most agonising pain, experiencing a Horrendous Death that could last anything up to the next 3 hours.

Mícheál Caomhánach