Petition Update

Petition: Stop Raccoon Dogs Being Skinned Alive in China for fake Boots

Protection 4 Animals

Oct 23, 2011 — We have now reached over the 1500 signatures, a big thank you too you all. Much done but plenty still to do. I was wondering whether to post the live video footage of the Dogs Being Skinned Alive, would that have a negative or positive effect.

I would love to get your opinion or on twitter @P4Animals or Facebook or blog
Please share the links to out blog/twitter/facebook and the link below will take people straight to this Petition. You could also forward on this information bye email to like minded people.

Let us remind us what this Petition is for to Stop Raccoon Dogs Being Skinned Alive by Brutal Chinese workers, who beat, kick, stomp on their throats to keep them still to make it easier for them to Barbarically Skin Them Alive, Thrown to one side and left to Die a Slow Sickening Death that can last up to 3 hours..