Petition Update

Signed by 500 To Stop Raccoon Dogs Being Skinned Alive For Fake Ugg Boots

Protection 4 Animals

Oct 13, 2011 — I would like to thank each and everyone of the 500 people that have signed the petition To Stop Raccoon Dogs Being Skinned Alive in China for fake Ugg Boots. This an extremely important issue that stirs emotions of pure anger to a painfull sickness of helplessness for these poor, innocent, defenseless animals. But that's why were here, i am going to ask you for more help. Can each and everyone of you tell 5 people, friends, family, work colleagues that would sign this Petition, that would bring us up to 3000 signatures. If you want to contact me direct you can email me: a link to the blog detailing the story behind this petition is in the box below. I would welcome recruiters, people that have their own means of promoting this petiton, on a blog or facebook or twitter etc. Once again i thank you all from the bottom of my heart, Thank You xx