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Stop Prosecutors Endorsements From Law Enforcement Angencies


Updated 08/30/13

California, Riverside County

Prosecutors should not be allowed to seek endorsements from any Police, Sheriffs, and or Law enforcement agencies. 

The victims in the matter allege that Paul Zellerbach’s ignorance in the matter of child endangerment may have  been a political move at the time since it involved the Riverside County Sheriffs, The Victims allege Paul Zellerbach may have been seeking for endorsements for his run as District Attorney from the riverside county sheriffs.  

A Riverside County Superior Court Judge  Timothy Freer  whom Ordered a child to be removed from his parents was told months afterwards in a courtroom….

By a Temecula Sheriffs Deputy whom Testified against himself, fellow officers and Wal-Mart Loss Prevention Agents by admitting to leaving drugs at the scene! This testimony was heard by a Judge Timothy Freer  and a Riverside County District Attorney ( Including the victims and their Attorney ) in a Murrieta, CA. Court Room:

 No Special Ed Student Should Ever Be left with drugs!

Aks Paul Zellerbach To Investigate! Or help us ask the FBI!

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