Impose An Immediate Moratorium on Pending Suicide Attempt Cases

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Thank you for signing the petition, and helping us fight the fight to impose a moratorium on suicide attempt cases. You might have seen recent news about the AGC Chambers considering to decriminalise suicide attempts as a crime.  You should know that this ‘verdict’ comes year after year, with no promise of decriminalisation. Empty talk, at the expense of 902 suicide attempt survivors being charged in court with fines and imprisonment time.  Please help us take the next step. You can send an email template to over 200 MPs in the parliament to ensure that they are aware of the urgency of decriminalisation. The email can be found here:  ENG:  BM:   For more information on our campaign, visit our website ( or our Instagram and Twitter! (@msolidariti) We are truly thankful for your help, and hope that you can take this extra step in pushing for the moratorium on suicide attempt cases. 

MISI: Solidariti
4 months ago