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Stop proposed TPG Mobile Base Station: Residential Area (Pine Tree Avenue Glen Waverley)

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Help us win this fight and SAY NO TO TPG!

We OBJECT and do not give consent to the proposal for a TPG mobile base station to be installed on Jemena pole located at number 6 Pine Tree Avenue Glen Waverley Victoria. RFNSA Site Nor 3150036. This is in the middle of a Community Sensitive Residential Zone.

What gives TPG the right to force these Electromagnetic Radiowaves on us 24/7? No-one should be subjected to this - especially young children, whom will be sleeping within metres every night

As parents, this denies us the right to keep our families safe and free from harm. Many studies have been conducted and continue to raise concerns of what Electro Magnetic Radiation (EMR) is doing to our health. As stated by the World Health Organisation on EMR - "there are gaps in knowledge still needing to be filled before better health risk assessments can be made".


Why was this site chosen in particular? The notice in bold type communicated that under Planning Regulations ‘TPG considers that the proposed facility does not require council approval because it is a low impact facility’.

Many other suitable sites could be an option that are away from residences. Have they considered alternate sites? Other telco companies in our area have had the decency to use commercial or industrial sites.

In discussion, local residents agree that the 4G coverage in the area is more than adequate - and this extra EMR emitting station is not necessary.

TPG is committing a criminal act upon us residents. The Criminal Act of Assault is being forced upon us by intentionally applying electrical energy on us, without our consent.

TPG is denying us our right to the quiet enjoyment of our properties, free of nuisance.  Posing continuous discomfort and disturbance of peace upon us against our will.

The proposal is for a small cell low impact facility. None of them are low impact - this will become a receiving and transmitting point from all other towers in the area - therefore increasing its emission.

Residents should not think they are hypocrites for using EMR devices in their own homes. They are in control of them and can switch them off at any time. The mobile base station however will be on 24/7, constantly zapping you.

For now they propose 4G .... What happens when 5G is introduced? Will that give them the right to upgrade and again suggest it's 'low impact'?

How can it be classed as 'low impact' especially for the residents sleeping in close proximity - it needs to be strong enough to reach the 500m distance, so imagine what it is doing to us within the 20m radius.

Scientists, Doctors or Telcos - who would you trust? Although there is no concrete evidence of the harm that EMR brings - why should we be the guinea pigs? Our young children especially. How much can their growing bodies take of this radiation? The increase in exposure needs to stop before it becomes a health statistic, just like asbestos was once considered safe.

We should not ignore it just because we can’t see it or feel it.

Please sign this petition and share with family and friends.

Our feedback and views are to be submitted by 5:00pm on 30 October 2018.
Email your objections regarding the proposed facility asap to 

Further details can be found .... 

Many thanks - The Residences of Pine Tree Avenue. Glen Waverley

 Technical details...

Radiocommunications facility –Installation of two (2) antennas (of dimensions 450mm x 300mm x 150mm) and radio remote units (of dimensions 550mm x415mm x 365mm); together with ancillary equipment 


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