Stop proposed TPG mini mobile tower in Kinross Street,Spring Hill-Community Sensitive Area

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We STRONGLY oppose the proposal for a TPG mobile phone base station at 56 Kinross Street in a densely populated residential location - next to schools, homes of children and the elderly. This is a Community Sensitive Residential Area. 

High Force Communications acting on behalf of TPG have failed in many ways with this proposal.

1.   TPG is ignoring the Department of Education's guidelines that state mobile telecommunications facilities should be at least 200m from school boundaries and electromagnetic radiation levels at the school (from such facilities) should be less than 1% of the ARPANSA standard.  This mobile phone tower is less than 50m from Holy Family Child Care Centre and less than 75 m from St Joseph’s College boundary and microwave radiation are estimated to be 4.64% of the ARPANSA standard within 50m and 1.14% within 50-100m.

2.   Residents are grappling with the idea of living next to a mini mobile tower, exposing them and their loved ones to constant Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) as they eat, sleep and try to enjoy the quiet contentment of being home, which is a basic human right. These residents include many young children and many vulnerable elderly people. The proposed tower is metres from children's bedrooms.

 3.   Although the Telcos publicise the current research stating no link between EMR and human harm, concerns still remain about the long term health risks of EMR. Scientific and Medical agencies, including the World Health Organisation, advise that ongoing research is needed, and the actual long term effects remain unknown. The results will take 15 years or more, but unfortunately it will be too late for our children by then. What is known about EMR is that there is a higher risk of harm with constant exposure, which the pole next door to your house will be directing at you. Children are more at risk due to their developing nervous systems and tissues. The effect on pre-existing chronic diseases in the young is unknown.

4.   We residents believe TPG is not in compliance with Australian Industry Code Standards. (C564,Clause 4.1.5c & d) as it relates to the selection of new sites. Australian Industry Codes require community sensitive areas to be avoided.

 5.   The notification on the pole advising of the proposal was positioned away from any traffic to hide its visibility.

6.   Many other suitable sites could be an option that are away from residences.  Have they considered alternate sites?  Other telco companies in our area have had the decency to use commercial or industrial sites.

7.   In discussion, some local residents agree that the 4G coverage in the area is more than adequate - and this extra EMR emitting station is not necessary.

8.   The proposal is for a small cell low impact facility. Low impact does not mean no impact. Will this become a receiving and transmitting point from all other towers in the area - therefore increasing its emission ?

9.For now they propose 4G .... What happens when 5G is introduced?  Will that give them the right to upgrade and again suggest it's 'low impact'?

This could be your street, next. This could be your house with the installation metres from your child’s bedroom or backyard. Help send a clear message to TPG and other Telcos that residents will not be bullied into having the quiet enjoyment of their homes destroyed and live in fear of the potential harmful effects of EMR.


1.   Sign and share this petition with family and friends.

2.   Email your objections regarding the proposed facility asap to:

Attention: John Roelands (RFNSA site no4000201) Consultation period closes 15 Nov 2018.

3.Write to Brisbane Mayor, Brisbane Central Ward councilor Mrs Vicki Howard and local MPs.


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