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Stop proposal to apply GST to retirement villages and mobile home sites

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 I am petitioning Tony Abbott to overturn a draft decision of the Tax Office that could result in higher rents for pensioners and families living in mobile homes. This includes homes in retirement villages

The ATO has issued a draft ruling on the Goods and Services Tax (GST) paid by park owners managing properties where mobile homes are based.

The draft ruling, now out for consultation, will mean park owners are slugged double the GST paid on leased sites. This is likely to result in higher rents.

The cost of renting is already extremely high, and for low income people it
leaves barely enough money left over to pay bills and buy food.

I am living in a retirement village, where the houses are classed as mobile
homes. Paying more rent would be impossible for me, but I don't want move as
I'm happy and secure here. Where would I move to anyway? Most rental
properties outside the village are just as high, and I can't afford the expense of moving.

I am on a disability pension, have no other income, and am struggling
constantly with health problems and accompanying medical bills.

I know there are many other people in my position, or worse. Life is already a struggle for so many who are trying to make ends meet. The last thing we need is for rents to increase by at least 10%.

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