Stop promoting student trafficking

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Mr. Erwin Tulfo was recently invited (sponsored?) by some Filipino business entities in New Zealand. He broadcasted stories of how easy and accessible it is to enter New Zealand through studying (particularly with private institutions). He emphasised that with this pathway, a student can work 20hrs per week (which is true), and may be able to bring their families to live here (not really 100% true).

Private educational tech institutes and consultancy firms have been profiteering from overseas students long enough. Let's stop student trafficking in New Zealand.

Erwin Tulfo reported on this showing only 5% truth. Please read thru this petition and hopefully it can enlighten both Mr Tulfo and all the Filipinos who are given false hopes and information by Mr Tulfo's report.

Mr Tulfo made a report in PTV promoting a student scheme to come to New Zealand. The student scheme is frowned upon even by our Ph Ambassador here because it is a money making scheme and exploits Filipino students. I tried to reach out to Mr Tulfo to no avail. It was irresponsible journalism and seems like a paid news - whether a visa consultancy firm paid for his NZ trip is unclear.

What Mr. Tulfo does not understand is that there is more to it than that. Student pathway is NOT the best way to enter New Zealand. It might be fast and easy to enter, but it costs our fellow Filipinos an arm and a leg (maybe a kidney too) to pay the consultancy firms, pay for tuition at an international student rate, and there IS NO guarantee that they will acquire a job afterwards, or be offered a work or resident visa. Educational techs or institutions and consultancy firms profiteers from giving false hopes to applicants. These students undergo courses that mostly are irrelevant to their skills and qualifications. For example, nurses are advised to take up a year's course of Healthcare Management (which has no bearing on your RN registration or post graduate qualification). So much wasted time and money for something that is so useless. Some people succeed in this pathway, and eventually acquire a work permit, but you very much put yourself at risk of being sent home with an expired student visa. Filipinos CAN migrate to New Zealand! Some people even arrive here on a work visa or even a resident visa, provided they are highly skilled and qualified. Everything that a consultancy firm offers you is 100% doable on your own! You need no agency to migrate to NZ! Even our Philippine Ambassador to NZ, Hon. Gary Domingo feels strongly against this student trafficking schemes. I have expressed my dismay and tried to shed light into the issues on Mr Tulfo's page, no response was made but I was consequently blocked.

What we want is Mr. Tulfo to retract and clarify his reports, disclose that a business entity sponsored his NZ visit in the name of responsible journalism and dignity.

It would also be helpful for Mr. Tulfo to do another story on real life experiences of Filipinos who struggled and got taken advantage of by these money making institutions. What they do are by all means legal, but far far away from being conscientious and moral.