The GLMS dress code is immensely biased, and so is the way it is policed

The GLMS dress code is immensely biased, and so is the way it is policed

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Started by Danny Devito

I usually write dumb, sarcastic petitions because, let's face it, it's pretty fun. However, I decided that Gull Lake Middle School's dress code policy was outrageously stupid, and deserved my attention and anger. Have fun with that.

For one thing; the dress policy is incredibly sexist, much like in many other schools around the country. Here is the list, as stated in the Gull Lake Middle School Student Handbook:

1. Midriffs which are bare under normal wearing circumstances.
2. Clothing that does not cover the majority of the shoulder, such as halter tops, spaghetti straps, or tank tops.
3. Shorts, skirts, and dresses shorter than the length of the extended thumb with relaxed shoulders. Shorts must have a minimum 3-inch inseam.
4. Sheer-material clothing.
5. Visible undergarments.
6. Tops cut low enough to expose cleavage under normal wearing circumstances.
7. Clothing that advertises alcohol, drugs, gang affiliation, tobacco products, or anything prohibited to minors.
8. Sunglasses and hats worn during the school day indoors.
9. Pants/shorts worn lower than at waist/hip level.
10. Clothing with holes in them that could be considered inappropriate exposure or holes that violate the
guidelines for the length of shorts.
11. Chains worn/connected on pants or shirts.
12. Pajamas.
13. Coats or large vests unless permitted by supervising adult.

In my personal opinion, the following could be removed: 

Due to sheer stupidity- 11 (unless it became a danger) and 13

Due to sexism/bias (and stupidity)- 1, 2, 3 

Furthermore, the policy is policed seemingly at random-- very, very few male students are ever asked to cover up, change, or told that what they are wearing is becoming a 'distraction' (aside from hats). Even among the girls at the school, there are some who seem to slip away unnoticed, particularly due to popularity, parental role/position (e.i. school employee, school board member, PTA, or other role in GLCS organization), race, body type, gender identity, behavioral problems, past issues with school conduct (suspensions), etc. Shouldn't everyone have an even playing field when it comes to this?

Another thing I've noticed is that many teachers are against the dress code as well. Pretty much every teacher who has ever gone over it, at least as far as I have witnessed, has said that they disagree with some of the fundamental dress policies. 

When looking at the student handbook, I noticed several instances where the school claims to care about students' mental health and wants to actively avoid instances that might cause a member of the student body to experience mental or physiological stress. Well, guess what? I'm sure I'm not the only person who feels traumatized by the dress code. Potentially getting dress-coded is something that's often in the back of my mind, and actually experiencing that is one of the worst, most frustrating things imaginable. If the school actually cared about our opinions and mental health, they would re-evaluate the dress policy. 




41 have signed. Let’s get to 50!