Stop Police Violation of Rights

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The use of laws in Canada has gone from serve and protect to a generate revenue scheme and it must stop. The law is not a tool to be used to generate a revenue stream. Absolutely all laws must be equal to everyone and every law must be to serve and protect the public. People can't be illegal just because they are poor, just because they can't afford the law.

If a senior, or anyone for that matter, has to choose between food and the law then it is a violation. If someone has to choose between any basic necessity or the law then it is a violation. Even more basic if someone has to pay for a law or be illegal then it is a violation.

If an abused wife is illegal just because she can't afford the law, can't afford to be equal, then she is being violated by the abuser and by the very people who are supposed to serve and protect. The abuse does not have to be physical in nature, it can be psychological or emotional. The abuser can withhold money from the wife and that makes her less than equal to the abuser because she can't afford the law, can't afford equality.

Someone who can't afford a fishing license is illegal just because they can't afford that specific law. Should homeless people be illegal for catching food just because they can't afford the law, can't afford equality? The fishing license has absolutely nothing to do with safety, it is purely a revenue stream. It is a law that is being used to treat some people unequal before the law just because they can't afford that law.

A single mother who has to choose between renewing her sticker and getting a prescription filled should not be put in that position. The law is supposed to be equal to everyone, not just those who can afford it. This single mother would be illegal if she paid for the prescription and not for the sticker then tried to go to work or the store. If she tried to take her children to visit their grandmother, who is in the hospital, she would be illegal and charged by the police. Even though she hasn't committed a crime the police would charge her because she is not equal before the law.

I have heard many stories, and I have seen it for myself, that the police will ignore calls for help just to fill their quota. They don't call it quotas but everyone knows that quotas exist. The police are used as a revenue stream and their jobs depend on collecting that revenue. I have been told that the police don't get the money directly so they are doing nothing wrong. This is false. Since their jobs depend on that revenue stream they are in a direct conflict of interest, a direct breach of trust. Breach of trust is a crime.

This petition is not about changing laws. This petition is about returning our police and courts to the honour that they once had. It is about ending the for profit policing, the for profit justice, and getting our police back to serve and protect. We give billions of dollars to corporations (like the almost $2.6 billion recently given to Chrysler) so we don't need the money. We definitely don't need to be violating one of our must fundamental and basic Human Rights for money.

Absolutely everybody must be equal before the law. Absolutely nobody can be privileged above anyone else before the law. White people can't be privileged over Black people. Men can't be privileged over women. People with money can't be privileged over poor people, not before the law. Someone who can afford steak while someone else can only afford bologna is a privilege, this is just a fact of life. Someone who can't afford the law and is treated unequal before the law is not a fact of life. This is a violation.

Everyone must be equal before the law, from the richest rich to the poorest poor.

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