Stop polar bears performance in Russian circus!

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Russian traveling circus “Iceberg”  is the world's only circus act with performing polar bears.

During the show, the polar bears perform tricks and stunts for crowds, including roaring into a microphone and dancing on their hind legs.

In May National Geographic posted on their Instagram photos of this circus performing in the city Kazan. Polar bears are fitted with metal muzzles and their trainer holds a metal rod.

It is the image of misery and humiliation

It is not illegal in Russia for these bears to perform but we need to stop those cruel spectacles! Polar bears already have enough problems, they certainly should not have to be subjected to life in a circus show.

It is a high time to ban polar bear from this Circus. It’s time to help the only group of polar bears polar bears used in circus performances. They should be freed and transferred to the sanctuary, when they will find peace and protection.

We are calling the Ministry of Environment and the President Putin to help us protect those animals and ban them from the circus.

And we ask you to help us spread a word and put a pressure on the "Iceberg" circus and Russian authorities.