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Stop : Poisoning of Preschools and Drinking Water by Big California Agricultural Companies

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When a Los Gatos, California  woman tried to whistle blow on the toxic dumping of  dangerous agricultural pesticides and chemicals on an organic farming area in Soledad, CA , which recycles the city's drinking water, her husband filed for divorce.

The husband then   spent $2,000,000 for a middle class divorce  using  13 lawyers and CPAs to silence her on more of his and his partner's crimes , which include toxic dumping of chemicals near a preschool and failing to pay for toxic waste disposal in large farming operations in the Salinas Valley.

When the woman finally got her day in court, she told a family law judge that her  husband had also  dumped toxic chemicals at their residence in Gilroy, California , that  neighbored a preschool and church, and  the family court judge, James Towery, and private judge Ned Hales, Jr. ,  ignored the woman and ordered the property sold, and that the court clerk would sign the disclosures on the property so the environmental crimes would never be known.

The husband,  his  partners  and family  members are high ranking executives and owners of agricultural companies in Salinas, some of which were at the center of the E. Coli outbreak in 2006, that caused people to die  after they ate contaiminted spinach.  

A  family court in Santa Clara County seems to be assisting the husband conceal fraud and environmental crimes  as the court has allowed the husband to remain in control of the community agricultural corporations , where he has taken over $1,000,000 in extra cash and perks under the table, while paying $8.84 in child support and allowing medical insurance for his child to be canceled twice in the past two years.

The woman has complained to the FBI, the DA, DOJ, Department of Child Support Services  and her family court,  investigations are underway, but may take years.  The family court system appears to tolerate these crimes by way of having a monopoly on community property issues in California, even on issues involving  public health and safety.  

Demand the EPA, DA and FBI  investigate family courts that are trying to keep issues of public health and safety from coming out. It is a matter of public interest and no judge should be allowed to chill the rights of any citizen to speak up or of the public to be protected from corporations and individuals who pollute drinking water and preschools.

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