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Stop plastic wristband use at Sk8 Charleston and CCPRC facilities

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We want Sk8 Charleston and CCPRC to stop using plastic wristbands at all of their facilities.  Sk8 Charleston, operated by Charleston County Parks and Recreation, currently requires all skaters and visitors to wear a Dupont Tyvek wristband in order to use the park.  Even card carrying annual pass members who show and scan an ID with barcode upon entry are required to wear the bands.  Tyvek is plastic.  The skatepark borders a tidal marsh with a delicate ecosystem and any loose bands have a high chance of blowing into the marsh.  When plastic enters the water it rapidly breaks down into micro-plastics which are consumed by small marine organisms like shrimp and minnows.  Once consumed, the plastics enter the food-chain, which means we eventually consume the plastics ourselves.  Although Sk8 Charleston has an arrangement with their paper shredder to recycle the bands as "acceptable contaminant," the issue is consumption.  Reduce, re-use THEN recycle is the order, and in this scenario there are lots of options to allow us to reduce consumption.  In my opinion the bands are unnecessary altogether (the park is surrounded by a high fence, there are cameras monitoring the park, and all visitors must enter through the guard tower to pay the $3 entry fee), but if the CCPRC insists on visible proof of payment then there have been many great alternatives suggested like seed paper wristbands which are made of native wildflower seeds. 

If I personally skate an average of 3 days a week, that would mean I am forced to consume 152 plastic wristbands per year.  Sk8 charleston total attendance is estimated at 150 users per day that means they are using over 54,000 plastic wristbands a year!  

On thursday 5/4/17 I  personally refused to wear the band after showing and scanning my ID.  Sk8 Charleston employees called the police and had me escorted off the property even though I showed them my prepaid annual pass.  This amount of security and ID is unnecessary and comes at a cost to the environment that greatly outweighs the importance of the wristband's intent.  With many alternatives already suggested, there is no reason not to change this wasteful practice.  

Additionally, CCPRC has several precedents that show their ability and willingness to operate similar parks without wristband or other identification.  Their waterparks, Whirlin Waters and Splash Zone as well as their James Island County Park, Dog park, Palmetto Islands County Park and others do not require wristbands, ID nor any other proof of payment.  You simply pay your entry fee or show your annual pass and use the facility.  The strict enforcement of wristband identification at Sk8 Charleston is unjust and unbalanced in consideration of the methods already in place for years at other parks within the CCPRC system.  

CCPRC, please live up to your core value of stewardship as quoted on your website, and end the unnecessary, wasteful and environmentally irresponsible practice of daily wristbands at Sk8 Charleston and any other practicing facilities within the CCPRC system.

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