Stop Plastic Bags in Sri Lanka

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Plastic bags are an environmental disaster, especially in a coastal country such as Sri Lanka, the use of plastic bags and the incorrect disposal into waterbodies can cause extreme harm to marine life.

Sri Lanka is currently the 5th highest marine polluter in the world, and we still haven't taken the extreme measures needed to combat the damage we are doing to our environment.

Which is why I want to appeal to such a renowned supermarket chain in Sri Lanka which is known to be extremely environmentally friendly through the launch of new green Keells stores, which encourage the constant use of reusable bags, and have even offered compostable bags at the produce aisles. Your constant effort to encourage eco friendly habits is greatly appreciated. But unfortunately, this has not reduced the use of plastic bags much, as many fail to bring their reusable bags to the store.

I'm aware that cardboard boxes are provided upon request at the cashier, but many customers have no knowledge of it. Awareness can be created through the cashiers offering cardboard boxes as an option to customers who have forgotten their reusable bags.

A final step can be taken to completely stop plastic bags in supermarkets by offering PAPER BAGS at a low charge. It is a completely eco friendly option that should be explored. Many other countries have already taken this step, and it has also encouraged people to actively bring their reusable bags to stores more often.

I kindly ask that you be a pioneer in Sri Lanka and ban plastic bags from your stores. As the leading supermarket chain in Sri Lanka and I believe that your customers will highly appreciate your support towards being a green country.

Thank you.

-Shenela Fernando