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Forcing a horse to dive into a pool of water is cruel and inhumane.

Letter to
Steel Pier Paul Steelman and the Catanoso family
President, Steel Pier Anthony Catanoso
I just signed the following petition addressed to: Steel Pier owners Paul Steelman and the Catanoso family.

Please call a halt to your plans to bring the infamous diving horse attraction back to Atlantic City.

Forcing a horse to dive into water is utterly cruel. To enable a horse to overcome its innate, powerful fear of diving into water, trainers must use extensive conditioning with stimuli such as electric shock, beatings and food deprivation.

Bringing back the diving horse attraction is a terrible idea – for the horses as well as for the public image of Atlantic City. I fully support the notion of leveraging history to forge a brighter future for the city. But public attitudes have changed, and today, forcing a horse to plummet into water is widely recognized as vicious and inhumane. It's a practice that should remain no more than a dark blemish in Atlantic City's storied past.



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