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Stop Plans to Erect a Cell Tower at Crossfield Elementary School

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This petition has been reopened in response to a new 2016 application to construct a cellular communications tower at Crossfield Elementary School. The 2013 application was withdrawn after the community voiced its opposition.

The cell tower proposed for Crossfield Elementary is not needed – a ‘significant gap in coverage’ does not exist in this area, as defined by Federal requirements. Eighty-two (82) towers are active within a 4-mile radius of the site – and the poor cell reception within the school and in nearby homes can be fixed with inexpensive signal boosters.

Cell towers near elementary schools concern home shoppers enough to lower property values, and they are an eyesore even when disguised as “trees.” 

In addition, there is enough scientific uncertainty about the health risk cellular radiation poses to small children that we must protect these kids rather than ignore the evidence and be sorry later. This school has 3- and 4-year-old preschoolers who could be exposed daily to this radiation for nine years. No studies to date have been done on children to measure the effect of long-term exposure to non-ionizing radiation (the type emitted by cellular towers). The World Health Organization cautions to avoid exposure to non-ionizing radiation as a cancer prevention strategy.* We must be proactive in protecting our families, financially and physically, by eliminating this unnecessary risk.

Find a different place to put this tower! We, the local residents and school parents, DO NOT want it.

*World Health Organization fact sheet on cancer

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