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The FDA & DEA need to stop putting caps on prescription medications.

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Adderall: a very important medication to millions of American men, women and especially children diagnosed with ADHD is a Schedule II Controlled Substance(meaning, it's 1 level down from the majority of illegal drugs because of its ingredients) has a cap on the maximum amount that can be produced in a given year. This cap was placed on the medication to prevent it from ending up on the streets and being abused; but, more and more children and adults now are being diagnosed with ADHD every year than can keep up with the scarce supplies of both the name brand version and generics that as of now...literally the entire country is out of the medication. This is forcing people who depend on this medication everyday to make it through the school or work day successfully to either go without, or be switched to a more expensive medication that may not work for them at all. I am 1 of those people. I have been taking 30mg of generic Adderall twice a day now for 3 years, and went into a near panic state when pharmacy, after pharmacy said they were out of it-all milligrams, both name brand and generic. They did however, have the time release formula which is nearly 5 times as expensive as the generic instant release tablets I'd been taking. I had to call my doctor and go through a list of various medications that were structurally similar to Adderall and hope that hte thousands of other people in my city were not also being switched to Dexedrine, which would then cause a shortage of that medication. Most of the online pharmacies do not have it either, as their supplies are being affected by the cap on production as well. An, because adderall is a Schedule II Controlled Substance; to purchase it from Canada or elsewhere would be a felony crime. Please tell the government that they have to adjust their practices in preventing legitemate prescriptions from ending up in the wrong peoples' hands, while allowing us, that so rely daily on our medication to be able to easily obtain it safely and legally. Shire Pharmacuticals is the manufactuer of adderall and the FDA and DEA are statingShire is to blame for the shortages. Shire claims they are only allowed to produce so much of the medication in a given year and after they've met that amount, they can no longer legally make the medication. He said/she said. Contact both Shire Pharmacuticals and the FDA & DEA to lobby your complaints...whomever is at fault, will eventually get the message.

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