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PIPA and CISPA. These acts sound harmless enough but they aren't. These acts give the government full power to shut down any website, the power to censor websites and the power to monitor anyone's computer without a warrant. These acts violate our privacy and also could destroy our freedom of speech, our freedom of expression and our freedom of press. Though PIPA and CISPA are designed to stop piracy, they can't. The acts give the government the power to shut down a website's domain (i.e., they can't shut down a website's I.P. address (i.e. Thus it doesn't solve piracy and the theft of intellectual property through the internet. And all of this for what? Well these acts are the products of Hollywood's lobbying campaign in Washington. But Hollywood doesn't overthrow regimes and Hollywood can't even come close to the amount the internet contributes to our economy. Sites like YouTube, Twitter and Facebook would have to censor their users or get sued by the government. Search engines such as Google would have to censor searches. Also, corporations can sue any website that they feel isn't doing their censoring well enough. Small start ups would be bankrupted by fines and from a court battle. This hurts our economy since it's then harder for new buissness' to get into the market.

We already killed SOPA. Now we need to stop PIPA and CISPA before they ruin the Internet as we know it. Sign this petition and we can kill these acts together for a better internet. 

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