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Stop Pick of the Litter Practices

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Please sign and share this petition in an attempt to stop, what we feel are,  the neglectful, abusive and inhumane practices present at Pick of the Litter at the Southpark Mall in Strongsville. The animals live in grievous conditions and are improperly cared for, in the opinion of many.. Nursing canine mothers have been present on the "show room" floor. Cats are bred, repeatedly, on site, and for several years. The mother and kittens on display; the kittens being sold. (while shelter animals are killed) The addressing of medical conditions is sketchy at best, and there is proof of this.  It has been reported that animals are improperly handled, and witnesses report alleged abuse. Yes, sadly it is permissible to house  puppies and kittens in fish tanks, as they do here, but that does not make it right. The majority of the dogs and cats come from, what we feel to be, unscrupulous breeders and rescues. We believe one should adopt not purchase and that revenue from adoption fees be recycled thru 501C3 rescues in order to save more lives. Not for a store owner's profit. Animals are not a commodity, first and foremost, and it is up to us to speak out for these prisoners of greed. We would also like to point out to those who believe this is a legitimate rescue that we feel it is not, and have been researching the legitimacy of this "rescue" for years.  Legitimate rescues do not seek personal gain from the the sale of animals. True rescues strictly adhere to spaying and neutering prior to adoption. Real rescues do not support breeding. 

Animal control for this county has visited the store on numerous occasions as follow up to the many calls concerned people make. As stated, no laws are being broken by housing animals in this manner, breeding while shelter animals die, or earning a living by exploiting the vulnerable. But, we can hope to follow the example of many other areas that are banning the breeding and sale of companion animals in pet stores. 


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