STOP Philippine President's Extrajudicial and Vigilante Killings

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STOP Philippine President's Extrajudicial and Vigilante Killings

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Jeremiah Emet started this petition to Head of State, Vatican Pope Francis (Head of State, Vatican) and

We, the petitioners, are urgently calling the help of the international community to make a stand against the on-going illegal and inhumane "purging" of alleged drug addicts happening in the Philippines today.

The new president, Rodrigo Duterte, made marching orders commanding the Philippine National Police (PNP) to "shoot-to-kill" drug offenders. He urged as well the armed, communist rebel/terrorist group CPP-NPA and other rebel moro groups to do vigilante killings. He made public pronouncements for all the people to take arms and kill drug suspects themselves. He vowed to kill at least 100,000 in 3-6 months.

As of July 6, 2016, or just six days since assuming his post, 61 deaths were recorded. Or 150 deaths since election in May 9. As of posting time, the death toll was doubled to more than 300. That's 10 deaths per day according to the country's Commission on Human Rights (CHR).

Fifty one (51) were killed by "unidentified" hitmen wearing masks. Eighty-five (85) were killed by "police operations" with a general pattern of either victims "allegedly" fought or resisted arrests. But majority of victims' families say otherwise. The rest of the victims were found dead in streets and rivers, bodies mutilated with bullets, mummified in duct tapes, and with "card-board" labels: "drug user/pusher, wag tularan" (don't emulate). Almost all victims were from low-income, poor families.

The PNP carried out "Oplan Tokhang" or (toktok-hangyo or knock and plead) which is a house-to-house warrantless search and interrogation by the police, with forced confessions of alleged drug offenders from a master list. Those who resisted were killed in their own homes in front of their begging families.

Those who surrendered were made to take an oath and sign self-incriminating documents, admitting guilt as a drug user/pusher. Thousands surrendered so far in fear of their lives. They're not sent for rehab, instead sent home making them legitimate targets of vigilantes to be executed. Obvious inequalities are apparent, because again, only poor, legally-defenseless suspects living in slums or villages were visited. Well-to-do personalities living in posh areas are untouched or given due process.

There are also those who died who were victims of false accusations or mistaken identity, and those other innocent children, minors, women, and elderly people who were killed by stray bullets.

There's a growing fear as well among innocent, law-abiding Filipino citizens of being falsely accused, be murdered by vigilantes anytime, be dumped anywhere, and be labelled as a "drug user/pusher".

The president has continuously discredited and made intimidating pronouncements against the CHR, Senate/Congress, human rights advocates, media, UN, and other world leaders not to stand in his killing sprees or suffer consequenses. The majority of Filipinos who oppose are now maimed, voiceless, and powerless against this impending mass massacre.

Therefore, we humbly ask all people worldwide, not only Filipinos, to support this cause. Your single signature screams a thousand words against violence, human rights violations, fascism, against destruction of democracy and due process, and lawlessness.

Our collective voices must press hard the Philippine President to re-consider his plans, that although meant to wipe out crime, his methods are illegal and are crimes against humanity. 

May he realize that this "war on drugs" was proven time and again, to be a failure, unsuccessful, unending, drains the economy, and a fight in vain among various countries who tried it for long years. That it leads to more violence, disorder, and destabilised government and society.

May he be more receptive to the new "harm-reduction" strategies in tackling drug addiction based on science and evidence-based research. To focus more of the government funds and effort in education, treatment, and prevention. Scientific studies proved that drug addiction is a chronic, relapsing brain disease and ill-treatment of addicts lead to high chances of relapses and high incidence of HIVs. He should keep in mind that only small percentage of crimes are drug-induced and butchering addicts won't reduce criminality, instead worsen it.

 May he retract his orders and call for public restraint in vigilantism and extrajudicial killings.


 May this petition reach the world leaders, famous personalities, the United Nations, human rights groups and all concerned citizens to stand up and BE OUR VOICE IN CONDEMNING THESE ATROCIOUS ACTS. PLEASE, WE NEED YOUR HELP. 

Thank you.   

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