Stop Pharmaceutical Companies from Getting Away with Murder!

I am a ex addict started with pills then herion. I am upset that the call this a disease, it is not. We are victims of the war on drugs. My own gov allows Mexican cartel to grow weed in our national forest and the pill company's do whatever they want. I am now a passionate mmj grower. My thing is if they lied to use b 4 then why should I trust them. I think now is the time to stand up and say no more. We need to fix problems. If you have depression fix y u are depressed to become happy. Doctors give people samples of anti depressants of all different kinds and say let me know wich one works the best. And methadone is for heroine addicts, wich is more addictive, way worse for your body. My father inlaw died from methadone the first time he took it. Im tired of the bs and I won't stop till its done. Im 26 and Im ready to make this my life journey.

Joshua Wolf, Fort myers, FL, United States
8 years ago
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