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Members of the Pennsbury School Board have passed a motion to spend almost $20,000.00 to "research" outsourcing our school buses and drivers. As are many school districts in our state, Pennsbury is cash-strapped and needn't pay this large amount of money for a simple endeavor. All that the district would need to do is call other local school districts, such as Bristol Township or for that matter any school district that has outsourced services already. Many people have already done this and it has been found to be the truth that by Pennsbury having control over their support staff and transportation, our taxes are lower!! If we were to sub-contract our transportation, not only will you be paying higher taxes but over 200 of our friends, neighbors and relatives who currently drive our school buses and care about our children and their safety to and from school will be out of work.  That does not include the custodial, maintenance and other support staff that will be outsourced, just beginning with the bus drivers. This will only serve to distress our community's financial situation even more. IF YOU ARE AGAINST YOUR TAX MONEY BEING USED SO A BUSINESS WILL PROFIT FROM THIS READ ON AND SIGN THIS PETITION.
Please Make A Stand Against Outsourcing Pennsbury's School Bus Drivers.  Sign This Petition Supporting Our School District Keeping It's Transportation Department, Custodial and other Support Staff working for US!
Here are the facts: 
    * The proposed Support Personnel contract would be revenue neutral that would save the school district approximately $1.3 million dollars over the next two years. 
    * Pennsbury's transportation cost per student is already one of the lowest in Bucks County. 
    *Outsourcing any of our schools services will affect over 600 families in our community. These current Pennsbury employees will be forced to work for lower wages with little or no benefits, or even lose their jobs entirely.  These people are our friends and neighbors, and what happens to them will affect our entire community. 

    *Outsourcing will give away ANY and ALL control over the cost of services in our district. Once the decision is made to sell our bus fleet, it would be impossible to purchase them back, the cost would be too high. 

    *Mr. Simon Campbell, Vice-President of the Pennsbury School Board has publicly announced his hatred for all things union and that he would rather have the district burdened with higher costs than have the unions working in our district. 

By signing this petition, I am supporting our local Pennsbury School District Employees and the tax payers in the Pennsbury School District.  It is neither right nor moral that any school board should put their own agendas before the welfare of the community that they are serving.   I emplore the new  board members who begin their journey on December 5th, to do what is best for Pennsbury and all of the residents of the Pennsbury School District, as well as take into account what the wishes of those who pay taxes to the district are.  I DO NOT WANT TO PRIVATIZE ANY OF OUR SERVICES AT PENNSBURY!   Keep Our Tax Dollars NON-PROFIT!!!!

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