Stop Pedestrian Fatalities on Edmonton Roadways

Stop Pedestrian Fatalities on Edmonton Roadways

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Audrey Skoog started this petition to His Worship Don Iveson Mayor, City of Edmonton

His Worship Don Iveson

Mayor, City of Edmonton

2nd Floor, City Hall

1 Sir Winston Churchill Square

Edmonton, AB T5J 2R7


As a family member of a pedestrian who recently lost their life on an Edmonton roadway this petition will serve two purposes.

1.       To ask the City of Edmonton for further accountability and to make “efforts to outcomes” based data available to the public.

2.       To inform the public of the issue of pedestrian safety and ask for their joint efforts in making all roadways safer.


First off, I would like to commend the city of Edmonton in their Vision Zero initiative. To enhance this project I humbly petition the city to provide the following data to the public to increase public knowledge and awareness.

Data could include: Estimated speed of the collision, location, severity of injury/life alteration up to and including fatality, road conditions, as well as factors such as distracted driving or distracted pedestrian.

Efforts: What efforts has the city enacted to reduce collision injury and fatality? IE: public education, reducing speed limits in key areas, increasing enforcement through measures such as automated speed cameras, redesigning streets, and re-timing traffic lights to give pedestrians a head start of seven to 10 seconds, higher visibility crosswalks, and extending sidewalks.

Outcomes could include the following: What specific mitigation factors have worked and what data backs up the reduction in injury/fatality including six month and one year follow up reports.


Police statistics show 10 pedestrians were killed in the city in 2017, the same number as the year prior. Another 57 suffered major injuries, while another 197 were treated on scene by paramedics and released without needing hospital care.  

The youngest person killed was four years old, the oldest 86.

Senior citizens are particularly vulnerable when walking in the city. Four of last year’s ten pedestrian fatality victims were age 65 or over.

Ten pedestrians were killed on Edmonton roads in 2017. Another 254 suffered either a minor or serious injury. 

SOURCE: Edmonton police, City of Edmonton Motor Vehicle Collisions report.

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Secondly, as Road users let’s pledge to create a culture that is responsible, considerate, caring, and safety conscious. A culture that puts the Pedestrian Safety First. As citizens we can use positive role models, social and peer pressure to encourage the right mind set and behaviour to promote safety for all.

As citizens we can take the following pledge:

I am a Pedestrian First motorist, always putting their safety first, especially considering the vulnerable disabled, children, and elderly.

I am always mindful of potential risk so that I can take early defensive actions, including slowing down, to unexpected situations.

I have the patience and skill to not use any distracting devices while driving. I promise to pay attention to the road and other users whose lives depend on my attention. 

By signing and sharing this petition you are acknowledging your responsibilities as a road user whilst also asking the city of Edmonton for further accountability.

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