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Stop parental alienation in Missouri by getting a "Shared-Parenting" bill created and passed immediately!

First off, equally shared parenting would automatically stop parental alienation, why? Well if a parent knew that by using there kids against the other parent did nothing for them, then it wouldn't exist and kids wouldn't be suffering without having both parents in there life and used as an rag doll.

Children are often used by a parent in a custody battle and/or a divorce as an emotional weapon against the other parent. Children are the ones who end up suffering the most. Two parents should be considered equal no matter what unless it is proven in court otherwise. Parenting time plans should start at 50/50 regardless. It is against our own civil rights to enter a court room in Missouri and not be considered equal based on sex, gender, race, religion, age , or even work schedule when it comes to determining parenting time plans. Our laws are out of date in Missouri and a time for a change is now! So please sign this petition to let our state know that every parent should be considered equal and that we need a shared parenting time bill presented to our states' legislature and have it passed!

**Stop the excuse, it's child abuse!**

Missouri for Equally Shared Parenting!

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