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Elderly people are being mistreated and it needs to stop.

Letter to
Nursing Home Administration Board of New Mexico
If you have ever been to a nursing home you would understand what I mean when I say nursing homes are over drugging their patients. According to, “Each year 350,000 nursing home residents are prescribed powerful antipsychotic drugs, killing an estimated 15,000 per year.” When my family was looking for a nursing home for my grandmother to live in my eyes were opened to the helplessness of the elderly concerning what they were taking for medication. (One of these places was St. Theresa’s Rehab and Healthcare)They all looked sad and like they were just sitting there waiting for someone to take them home. I would look at them and they would look back with dull eyes like there was no hope left. These people are human beings and don’t deserve to drugged into silence. It makes me sad to think that they have to undergo emptiness until they pass away. Sometimes, the nursing home will drug the patients against their family’s wishes for them not too. CMS is campaigning to reduce the use of antipsychotic (a drug used to reduce dementia). With all the research I have done I found no laws against the drugs used other than the one about reducing antipsychotic. I wouldn’t want my grandmother to be sedated into silence from drugs or any other elderly or disabled person for that matter. I am asking for signatures to help the disabled and elderly in nursing homes to know that they are loved and cared for, not just another nuisance for people to take care of.