Stop Over Development In Baird Cove Starting With 300 Baird Cove Road - The Horse Farm

Stop Over Development In Baird Cove Starting With 300 Baird Cove Road - The Horse Farm

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Baird Cove Neighbors started this petition to Baird Cove residents and neighbors

To: The Woodfin Planning And Board Of Adjustment, Chairman; Kenneth Razza

I feel the proposal to construct 115 attached, row houses on 300 Baird Cove Road in Woodfin is irresponsible planning as it fails to meet §150.003 Purpose and §150.005 Intent, page 5 as well as other relevant sections of Title XV - Land Usage of the Woodfin Zoning Ordinance and for the following reasons:


Baird Cove Road is a designated flood plain, this property is flanked by flood debris pathways, as indicated on the county GIS, and the over six acres of proposed impervious surfaces will cause significant property loss, infrastructure damage, bodily harm and possibly loss of life to the residents of Baird Cove and the businesses and residents downstream on Merrimon Ave.


The additional 1,150 car trips per day generated by this development, based on the United States Department of Transportation statistics of 10 daily trips per household will cause insurmountable traffic congestion along Baird Cove Road and potentially gridlock at the intersection of Merrimon Avenue. This added traffic on this single exit, narrow country road without shoulders or sidewalks will endanger the residents of Baird Cove, increase the danger of collision, delay emergency vehicle access and put a risk to school children and seniors being bussed on the roadway.


The density of this proposed housing development exceeds that of most major cities in the United States according to statistics published by the US Census Bureau and is twenty three times more dense than the City of Asheville. This is reckless planning that will increase light pollution, crime, traffic, air pollution, damage to wildlife and the environment in an area of Woodfin that is and has been predominantly low density, single family for generations.


The visual blight of row upon row of connected housing surrounded by parking lots and concrete sidewalks is in stark contrast to the well kept, low density housing on Baird Cove Road and will likely cause significant loss to property values in the Cove. It’s proposed architecture and planning is not “reflective of” and neither does it “enhance the natural and man made environment found in Western North Carolina” that Title XV,  § 150.134, (12), Building Design, page 75, requires. The developers eagerly claim the density of housing allowed in the Mountain Village District and that can be fit on this property, but fail to include the other necessary mixed uses and fall far short of providing any meaningful recreational and environmental components that are described in §150.134 Mountain Village District. These elements are the essence of a “village” and they are missing or only marginally provided.

I respectfully request the Woodfin Planning Board considers the health, welfare and the natural and man made environment of the residents and not approve this project and further place a hold on all future such projects other than low density residential R21 and R23 within Baird Cove until an environmental study and other assessments have been completed to assure that the dangers of flooding, traffic congestion, pollution, loss of wildlife habitat and the health and welfare of Baird Cove residents has been assured.  A project 23 times more dense per acre than the City of Asheville, will create overwhelming night sky pollution, resulting in the destruction of animal habitats, loss of property values and permanent destruction of Baird Cove and the communities around it as desirable places to live. 

Thank you.

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0 have signed. Let’s get to 2,500!
At 2,500 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!