A call to action for responsible development in Sydney

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Sydney suburbs are being irreversibly damaged by an unprecedented level of poor quality, high density development. Prominent examples like the Opal Towers and Westconnex show that local residents and those who buy into  new developments are not protected from the adverse impacts of poor development practices and profiteering. At the same they suffer from the continuing degradation of amenity as infrastructure, education and health services fail to keep pace.

All regions within 800m from a railway station are now slated for the next wave of very high density development with no relief in sight. Councils have minimal influence as the State Government has removed Councillors, the local elected representatives, from the planning process. Residents are overwhelmed and powerless to protect themselves against the barrage of negative consequences for their homes and lifestyles.

With the upcoming state election we have a unique opportunity to be heard and to help bring about the conditions necessary to ensure responsible development in Sydney suburbs. You can help us bring about the necessary changes to ensure responsible development by signing the petition below.

Petition for responsible development
We respectfully demand changes to government planning processes and controls to ensure that local residents are an integral part of planning and development processes.

Specifically we petition the NSW State Government to:

  • Return planning and development approval powers to locally elected representatives at the local councils.
  • Provide reliable, cost-free, out-of-court mechanisms to compensate owners of new builds for defects associated with poor quality construction and owners of neighbouring buildings for damage and loss of value to their assets imposed by new developments.
  • Ensure that development controls match and enforce the local character statements as articulated in planning regulations.
  • Ensure that local residents are consulted regarding the desired character of their neighbourhoods and that the character statements as articulated in planning regulations are in line with the expectations of the majority of the local residents.
  • Mandate sufficient contributions for upgrades to local and state infrastructure (schools, public transport, hospitals and roads) with each new development, commensurate with its scale.
  • Mandate on-site open space for relaxation and children’s play areas to be included in every new multi-dwelling development.
  • Ensure that those tasked with quality control and certification of new developments are completely independent of the developers and incentivised to focus on quality outcomes.
  • Put a moratorium on all new developments until the systems are revised and these provisions are put in place.