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Paul Cahir started this petition to Mayor Cr Steve Staikos (City of Kingston) and

We, the undersigned local residents of Mordialloc  object to planning application KP2021/55 at 11 Powlett Street, Mordialloc for construction of a building with 6 units and basement carpark.  We request that Kingston Council reject the proposed new-building housing development plans.

In May 2019 this same developer submitted an application to build 8 x units on this site.  At that time council rejected the application which was subsequently taken to VCAT where the application was soundly rejected. 

At that time residents made it abundantly clear that a development of this scale and density was not acceptable, and it was strenuously expressed by residents that 2-3 townhouse dwelling development would be a reasonable outcome for all parties.  As this is a corner site, each townhouse dwelling would have individual street access with each on separate title and no shared common property, and no need for owners’ corporation.

The proposed plans are for construction of 6 x units on this site.  The applicant ASP Architecture Pty Ltd has failed to listen to local residents and the community and is now proffering this new application for 6 x units.  Residents have had enough and request that Council reject the application. 

·        6 units is an excessive overdevelopment for this site.

·        Recent developments in this area of Mordialloc have been 2 storey houses, townhouses and units.

·        There is already over-development in the vicinity with units recently constructed on the corner of Barkly and Powlett Streets, 34 Barkly Street, 19 Powlett Street, 55 Barkly Street.

·        With such a great concentration in this small pocket of Mordialloc it is inevitable that the amenity of local the community will be adversely impacted.

·        This development will look out of place in in this older area of Mordialloc, which is predominantly single storey and double storey houses, townhouses and units.

·        The building design is a radically different architectural style to other buildings in Eurythmic and Powlett Streets, and the vicinity.

·        The proposed development would be much larger than other buildings in the street and local area.

·        The height and bulk of the proposed development dwarfs all properties in the vicinity, and will overshadow neighbouring properties and public pathways and road.

·        Overshadowing of neighbouring properties is not acceptable and would adversely affect the natural light to these properties, and adversely impact on the privacy of these properties.

·        The height and visual bulk of this proposed development is excessively high, and totally out of character for the area.  The height is 620mm higher than the original design.

·        Street setback does not respect the existing property setback of Eurythmic Street and Powlett Street – If this is allowed, the next developer will regard this as the ‘new normal’;

·        Inadequate parking included for number of occupants; Reliant on street parking which is already over stressed.

·        Parking in Powlett and Eurythmic Streets is already a concern, and would be exacerbated with this overdevelopment.

·        Vehicles entering/leaving the proposed site would create serious traffic congestion to local residents in what is currently a quite dead-end street.

·        There is a need for additional housing in Mordialloc area for families with garden space for children to grow and develop.

·        Impact of noise from these proposed units on the local community in this quite side street would result in loss of amenity and privacy.

·        Basement carparks disturb the water-table which is quite shallow in this area of Mordialloc.  You only need to dig 2-3 feet before finding groundwater.  Displacing groundwater will ultimately result in flooding in low-lying areas.  NO basement carparks!

·        There is no disabled access to upper floors and is totally unsuited for disabled persons and should be rejected.

Kingston Council is requested reject this application, and limit the number of units/townhouses on large blocks in Mordialloc to no more than three, and require one car parking space per bedroom on-site within the property boundary.

Residents will accept 2-3 double-storey townhouses.

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