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On June 24, Dean Crouter and Prof. Coatsworth announced their decision to terminate the PSU employment contracts of all teachers at the Bennett Family Center and Hort Woods who are currently PSU employees, as of Aug. 19, and transfer their employment contracts to Hildebrandt Learning Centers, LLC, a private corporation. Losing their PSU employee status and associated benefits will mean a significant drop in take-home pay, less comprehensive health care, reduced employer retirement contributions, and loss of standard PSU side benefits including the tuition subsidy for all affected teachers, that is, all Bennett teachers and all former Childhood Development Laboratory teachers now at Hort Woods.

As parents and PSU employees, we believe that the teachers of our children, on the campus where we work and they play and learn, should be fully qualified members of the PSU family, not contractors. The teachers caring for our children deserve the same benefits as all PSU employees.

We are therefore asking Dean Crouter and Prof. Coatsworth to reverse their decision and to offer PSU employment and benefits packages to all teachers in both University Park childcare centers.

Letter to
Human Development and Family Studies, The Pennsylvania State University Prof. J. Douglas Coatsworth
College of Health and Human Development, The Pennsylvania State University Dean Ann Crouter
The Pennsylvania State University President Rodney Erickson
and 1 other
Chairman of the Board of Trustees, The Pennsylvania State University Mr. Keith Masser
Please do the right thing and reverse your recent decision to outsource the childcare of PSU employees to outside contractors. Ensuring that all Bennett Family Center and Hort Woods teachers and staff are PSU employees is the only way to put quality of childcare and the well-being and education of our children first.

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