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Stop Outsourcing Australian Jobs

Companies such as Banks, Airlines and Telco’s are taking money from every day hard working Australians and not giving enough back to the very country that is supporting their business.

Companies that trade in Australia and are/or were built on the hard work and loyalty of Australian workers are cutting Australian jobs by the thousands and moving these jobs offshore.

Our Government is allowing these companies to take money from everyday Australians, and not ensuring these companies are creating and keeping jobs for Australian workers.

Paying customers that need assistance are being directed to off shore call centres where due to the language or cultural barrier, often calls that would normally take 10-15 minutes to resolve, are taking as long as 30-40 minutes, causing customer frustration and wasting precious time!

In May 2012 Julia Gillard withdrew approval for Gina Rinehart to employ 1700 foreign workers to work in Australia, however did not blink when Australian Companies employee similar numbers overseas while making Australians redundant or out of a job.

Senior left-wing MP Doug Cameron said he was "gobsmacked" and said MPs had not been consulted by the PM's office or Mr Bowen.

"I am shocked that, while workers are being marched off the job at Kurri Kurri and Tullamarine ... Chinese workers are going to be marching on to the job in the Pilbara," he told The Daily Telegraph.

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Let’s not forget the Pacific Brands boss tripled pay... then sacked 1850 workers.
The pay packet of Pacific Brands chief executive Sue Morphet, who announced the mass sackings, rose from $685,775 to $1.86 million, including a seven-fold rise in "incentive payments" - bonuses for axing jobs.

The list of these examples goes on.

It's time Australians were not being made redundant in the thousands by specific companies and the Government create a minimum job occupancy rate based on the profit margins of every large company!

While some may think what's the point?, Corporate culture won't change, simply by signing and showing the numbers of Australians who care about how companies or people like Gina Rinehart are conducting business in Australia will bring to light an issue that is concerning lots of us.


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