STOP OSPCA FUNDING Until They Do Their Job

STOP OSPCA FUNDING Until They Do Their Job

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RAAW - Reform Advocates for Animal Welfare started this petition to Honorable Sylvia Jones (Minister of Community Safety and Criminal Services) and

The Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals receives $5.75 million annually, from the Provincial Government, for carrying out their mandate to protect the animals of Ontario.

In addition to the $5.75 million annually OSPCA also receives hundreds of thousands of dollars from municipality contracts across the province, fees from their affiliates, monumental donations from pet food/care companies, donations from a kind hearted animal loving public and ongoing fund raisers. They pay outrageous salaries to upper management, have glamorous annual meetings which last for days and continue to claim they do not have enough funding to do their job properly.

We ask the newly elected Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario to discontinue funding as long as OSPCA refuse to fulfill their mandate and that an investigation into their actions be initiated.

For years OSPCA has had an indisputable pattern of  ignoring calls of animal abuse, neglect or abandonment. Time after time the public has come to the rescue of animals in distress to do the job OSPCA should be doing. As a result and out of necessity hundreds of grass roots rescues have developed in Ontario that get no funding whatsoever. 

OSPCA was given their authority and powers by the Provincial Liberal government. They have no accountability and no transparency. They are not mandated under the Ontario Ombudsman nor legislated under the Freedom Of Information Act. They are not required to report to anyone. They don't list employees or contact information for management or the Board of Directors on their website.

So far 2018 has been a particularly horrendous period for animals. Enough is enough. Do your job or give us our money back.  Animals are suffering due to lack of action by those designated to protect and care for them. If you call the 310-SPCA(7722) Emergency Line after business hours you will hear a message saying "our call centre is now closed" stating hours Monday to Friday 8:00 to 6:00 Weekends 8:00 - 4:00.  We can only hope animals are not abused, neglected or starved outside those hours.

These horses have been ignored by OSPCA despite pleading from neighbours and protests from the community. OSPCA refuse to go to the site claiming what they always claim "they are investigation for 6 months" I suggest if this is the result of their investigations, they clearly don't know what they are doing:

BEACHBURG - Complainant called Emergency Line. It took 3 days to get a response. OSPCA left the dogs on the property but charged the owner with failing to comply with an Order, causing distress, failing to provide standards of care and allowing distress. If there was enough evidence to lay charges, why didn't they rescue the dogs and remove them from the property? If he didn't comply with an Order that means they have been there before but didn't bother to go back and make sure the dogs were O.K

The stories are endless. Here are just a few examples.

STOUFFVILLE: OSPCA goes to farm with dying and starving horses. Leaves a note for the owner. Either they didn't go into the barn to check on the horses after receiving many complaints or they didn't recognize dying horses when they saw them. When the vet finally saw the carcasses of horses 3 weeks later he said some had fresh blood. That means they died recently. Maybe if OSPCA had done their job some of these horses would have been saved and wouldn't have suffered as long as they did. Inexcusable.

ESPANOLA - OSPCA didn't respond to calls from neighbours about a dog being beaten by its owner so they called police. Police took the dog and held it at their station waiting for OSPCA to pick it up. OSPCA said they couldn't because the police interfered with their investigation. The police were forced to return the dog to his abuser.

Yet they tell people to call their local police if an animal in immediate, life threatening distress. They even say so on their telephone message.

SUDBURY - Kittens and an emaciated adult cat and rabbit abandoned in an apartment. OSPCA came, saw the animals and left. When rescuers saved the animals, OSPCA threatened to charge them with breaking and entering:

BATH - OSPCA refuse to help residents being overrun by feral cats because the cats aren't spayed or neutered:

BEAMSVILLE - OSPCA refuse to work with rescuers when hundreds of abandoned cats were left by hoarder.  Local residents rescued all those still alive, saw to their medical attention and rehomed them. OSPCA said they interfered with their investigation.


0 have signed. Let’s get to 7,500!
At 7,500 signatures, this petition is more likely to get a reaction from the decision maker!