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Stop Ocean Acidification: Increase Green Energy Alternatives in WA state

Ocean acidification is the result of an over-abundance of carbonic acid, which is created during the chemical reaction between carbon dioxide and water. The carbonic acid gradually deteriorates the shells of marine life, such as oysters and crabs, and increases the organisms’ susceptibility to premature death. Humans expedite ocean acidification due to an excess of carbon dioxide produced by automobiles, factories, and other sources. In fact, the rate at which the world produces carbon dioxide is so great that according to the National Resource Defense Council, the Southern Ocean surrounding Antarctica will become corrosive by 2050. From an environmental stance, ocean acidification alters the natural acidity of the Puget Sound, and is not conducive towards the prosperity of marine life. From an ethical stance, ocean acidification renders the Puget Sound less bountiful for future generations to enjoy. From an economical stance, ocean acidification devastates seafood restaurants, fishing industries, and tourism, through a decline of seafood health, quality, and quantity.

Ocean Acidification has rendered the Puget Sound one of the highest acidic bodies of water in the nation. With decreased populations of marine life, fishing, both commercial and recreational, is threatened gravely. Ocean Acidification affects not only fishing, but leisure activities, such as scuba diving, seafood restaurants, and the entire ocean ecosystem. Before people started burning coal and oil, ocean pH had been relatively stable for the previous 20 million years. But researchers predict that if carbon emissions continue at their current rate, ocean acidity will more than double by 2100 (NRDC 1). The shells of crustaceans and microorganisms have already begun to deteriorate. If we do not stop ocean acidification in due time, the ocean may never be able to recover.

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