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Stop NYCHA from closing the Action Center in the Rockaways

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The New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA), is trying to close down all relief efforts at the Action Center by Dec 28th. If the Action Center closes, residents will die. We need to stop NYCHA from closing the Action Center.

Following hurricane Sandy, the Action Center, a non-profit organization that has served the Rockaway community for over 12 years, morphed into a relief center that has become a lifeline to local residents.

In a herculean effort, backed by several grassroots volunteer groups and supported by generous donations, in the past 2 months the Action Center has provided essential goods (food, diapers, formula, space heaters, dehumidifiers, cribs and mattresses by the thousands, etc.), as well as financial, medical and legal support to 600-800 residents every day. 

The New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA), is trying to close down all relief efforts at the Action Center within a week, for an unspecified duration.

Formally, the reason is cleaning, so far unscheduled and potentially only starting in late January.

NYCHA have rejected without discussion any suggestions that would allow relief efforts to be maintained up to when cleaning starts, and then concomitant cleaning and relief operations, such as room-by-room cleaning or administration of relief from heated tents that are on the premises.

The Action Center's relief work is a matter of life and death for some of the  residents, including elderly and infants that are suffering the most. Last week, minutes after the meeting with NYCHA, the Action Center’s medical clinic treated a mother of 4 who was diagnosed with a heart attack and rushed to the emergency room. A not an uncommon occurrence at the Action Center. It is hard to think of what would have happened had the building been cleared, or what will happen when it is.

Every day of its closure would literally cost lives. We seek your help in convincing NYCHA to allow the Action Center to continue its essential operations up to and during the cleaning work, according to any of a number of possible workarounds.

Please sign our petition and spread the word to your press contacts --- the public should be informed, and allowed to intervene on behalf of NYC residents in need.


Visit to learn more about the Action Center, including online donations.

Letter to
Vice-Chairman of the Board Earl Andrews
Borough Director for Queens and Staten Island, NYCHA Cornell Wrisby
Chairman of the Board John Rhea
and 8 others
Director of Research & Management Analysis Department, NYCHA Anne-Marie Flatley
Director of Federal Relations and Policy, NYCHA Steven Love
Chief Financial Officer/Deputy General Manager for Finance, NYCHA Felix Lam
Assistant Deputy General Manager of Community Operations Department, NYCHA Deidra Gilliard
Deputy General Manager of Community Operations Department, NYCHA Hugh Spence
General Manager, NYCHA Michael Kelly
Board Member, NYCHA Margarita Lopez
Borough Deputy Director for Queens, NYCHA Byron Cave
If the Action Center closes, people will die.

It is just that simple. No one including NYCHA wants that on their heads or conscience. We believe if the right folks in NYCHA are aware of what is going on they will move quickly to resolve the situation.

Here is your chance. Please tell NYCHA officials to rescind their command that the Action Center stops operation and clears out while cleaning if going on.

Cornell Wrisby, Borough Director for Queens and Staten Island and Byron Cave, Borough Deputy Director for Queens are the two NYCHA officials that gave the shut down order.

If any one dies or the community explodes after the medical, legal and basis day to day support the Action Center gives is taken away, it is on their heads and by proxy everyone at NYCHA.

The EPA has said the center can be cleaned one room at a time and services continue while it takes place. The Action Center also has two 20 by 40 tents that can be used outside as rooms are cleaned and Rapid Repair teams and other trained mold cleaning teams stand ready to move immediately in to help NYCHA quickly clean the center.

Something must be done now, so many people are watching and so many lives are at stake.

Please be the hero in this story.

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