Stop NSW Police Pursuits for Minor Offences!

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My name is Bert Vieira, husband of Gai Vieira.

On the 5th of September, 2018 - my wife’s car with my 3 year old grandson was T- Boned by a NSW Police Highway Patrol vehicle travelling at 124km/h in a 70km/h zone in pursuit of a driver suspected of using a mobile phone.

The Highway Patrol vehicle did not have sirens or lights on prior to, or at the point of impact with my wife’s car.

This incident is currently going through our legal system as the Police (D.P.P) have charged the Officer as a direct result of their findings. The Officer has entered a plea of ‘not guilty’.

This horrific accident should never have happened, my wife should not be in a hospital fighting for her life. My family should never have to feel this pain. 

Help me to ensure this never happens to one of your family members. So you never have to live through this nightmare.

I am asking that NSW Police and the NSW government make changes similar to Brisbane and Victoria to stop Police pursuits for minor offences and ensure that the Police (when at fault) are held accountable to the same standards as the general public.

With your support we can make this change to protect our families.