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Stop North Carolina Wildlife Commission from Killing Tame Deer and Fawns

On September 20th, armed North Carolina Wildlife Agents stormed a farm in Randolph County. The warden carried a warrant to kill nine deer, including 7 fallow exotic deer that were owned by Mr. Kinley and 2 white tail deer that were still in rehabilitation from injury or abandonment. All 9 deer were slaughtered.

Wayne Kinley was given no warning, and there was no appeal process. The deer were peacefully living on the enclosed property of Wayne's farm.

This is not an isolated incident. Earlier this summer, agents similarly stormed another North Carolina property and shot and killed 2 fawns. The property owner was not at home when deer were slaughtered.

These deer were killed to test for Chronic Wasting Disease, a disease that affects wild deer, that has never been found in North Carolina.

The State of North Carolina  search warrant reads "If the property and/or person are found, make the seizure and keep the property subject to Court Order and process the person according to law."


We demand an investigation and protection for tame, rehabilitated deer. The magistrate who signed the warrant and the commander of game wardens must be held accountable. North Carolina wildlife officials are out of control. They have too much power, and they are abusing it.

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