Stop North Carolina's Attack On It's Unemployed Workers

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Stop North Carolina's Attack On It's Unemployed Workers

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Dee Hill started this petition to North Carolina State House and

We respectfully request your help in submitting a petition to stop North Carolina’s attack on its unemployed workers.

Unemployed North Carolina workers are facing an unprecedented and immediate attack. NC State legislators are moving to fast-track a bill that would drastically slash all state unemployment benefits, cut the available weeks of benefits, and completely shut off federally-paid extended benefits for those struggling to find work for longer than six months.

North Carolina has lost hundreds of thousands of jobs in the economic downturn and currently has the fifth highest unemployment rate in the nation at 9.2%, the last thing the State legislators should do is cut much needed unemployment benefits.

The drastic cuts to benefits for laid off workers will be permanent and make North Carolina’s unemployment system one of the worst in the country for employees who lose their jobs through no fault of their own.

The plan being pushed in the legislature would:

· Cut the maximum benefit amount by 1/3 to $350 per week: No state has ever made such a severe cut.

· Cut all benefits by changing to a formula no other state uses.

· Cut the maximum weeks of benefits from 26 weeks to a sliding scale of 12-20 weeks. Only two other states (Florida and Georgia) do this.

· Cut benefits for workers who lose their job because of health reasons or family reasons.

· Cut off federally-funded extended benefits completely to 80,000 North Carolinians as of July 1, 2013. NO STATE HAS EVER DONE THIS.


The unemployment system was created to support workers who lose their jobs at no fault of their own, allowing them to support their families. By supporting all North Carolina workers, and those looking for work, the whole state benefits.

We must ensure – for the sake of our economy – that unemployment benefits remain available for these working families.

Tell North Carolina legislators to keep unemployment benefits strong!

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This petition had 4,573 supporters