Stop Non Resident Parking at Lower Bendur 3rd cross

Stop Non Resident Parking at Lower Bendur 3rd cross

4 June 2022
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Started by Bendur Home Owners

Assistant Commissioner Of Police (Traffic)
Pandeshwar Police Station

Dear Madam:
We are the residents of lower bendur 3rd cross road and would like to congratulate you on getting the position of ACP (traffic). We are fortunate to have you in our city.

We however have been deeply affected by the parking of non resident vehicles on our road especially in the evenings. This is predominately due to the lack of parking availability at the commercial complex at the beginning of our road at the junction of Bendurwell and lower bendur 3rd cross. This affects us in the following ways:
1. The road gets jammed for hours
2. The non resident vehicles start fighting with residents at times resulting in violence and intimidation 
3. Residents are unable to find space for their own parking needs.

We would like a win win solution to this issue which has plagued us for decades and here is our thought process and suggestions in line of those thoughts:
1. The commercial complex appears to be violation of building laws by having inadequate parking.
2. Lower bendur is a residential neighbourhood and the road is perfectly designed for the use of the residents of the road
3. The road however is not designed for commercial use nor is it designed for spillover parking from commercial establishments that have not planned for parking.
4. We do not want to encourage further violations by altering our road since such alterations will only worsen the quality of life for residents with no benefits whatsoever at unnecessary tremendous cost to the taxpayer and monetary loss to residents which is not the prudent thing to do.
1. Please put penalties on the commercial complex for the violations 
2. Please issue resident parking permits so that actual residents can park their vehicles at designated areas 
3. Please put no parking signage for non permit holders prominently on our road   with an easy process for residents to complain to police so that towing can be immediately facilitated 
4. We do not want the businesses revenue affected, so we suggest that they stop misusing our neighbourhood for parking and hire a valet to park their customer vehicles at a location that isn’t lower bendur 3rd cross road
a. We suggest they discuss with the owners of nearby vacant land such as builders to use those lands for temporary parking. There is one such property right next to the commercial complex.
b. Alternatively they should be allowed to park  at the Kankanady market complex for a commercially viable fee
c. Alternatively they may consider bendur water supply compound for parking
5. They may also consider adherence to the law and create adequate parking at their premises for their customers.
Please do not hesitate in reaching out if you need any additional information. We would a pleasant experience for all stakeholders involved and this letter is a step in that direction.

Residents of lower bendur 3rd cross road 


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Signatures: 64Next Goal: 100
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