Stop New Development Application of Public Worship in Shelley Street Campsie (DA-315/2021)

Stop New Development Application of Public Worship in Shelley Street Campsie (DA-315/2021)

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Started by stevenc wei

Re: Development Application DA-315/2021 on 3 Shelley Street Campsie NSW 2194: Demolition of all structures on site and construction of a place of public worship with associated residence, library, scripture rooms, prayer hall, basement car parking and front fence.

Despite the objections from a large number of families within the local community, the original Development Application DA-27/2013 was approved in 2013 to make internal alternations to an existing dwelling and part conversion of the dwelling into a Buddhist place of worship on 3 Shelley Street Campsie, without regard to our concerns and opinions. 

Since the opening of the temple in 2013, it has significantly impacted the lifestyle of the local community”. We have experienced busy traffic, crowded street parking and constant prayers and visitors since 2013 causing us discomfort. DA-315/2021 further proposed new construction of associated residence, library, classrooms, prayer hall, basement car parking and front fence at the temple will affect the local community, and reasons for our objection:  

1.  the number of attendees at the temple: the addition of the new library and classrooms indicate the temple will conduct multiple activities and functions rather than for the sole purpose of religious worship. This intend and will attract a large number of visitors to the temple, students and personnel at the temple at all times, and the number of visitors will significantly increase during Chinese New Year, and Chinese cultural dates and special Buddhist events. It is difficult to enforce a limit on the number of attendees in these circumstances. 

2.  parking & traffic issue:  due to the reason contained in the above paragraph, the large number of visitors to the temple will have adverse impact on the traffic and parking space within the local community. Notwithstanding the original Development Application DA-27/2013 provides a shuttle bus to transport the visitors to the temple to address the traffic and parking space issues, this has not been done for the last 8 years. The local residents have had difficulties with traffic and parking space due to the visitors parking on the surround streets near the temple for the last 8 years. We have no confidence that these issues will be addressed or resolved if DA-315/2021 is approved, especially when DA-315/2021 proposed 8 parking spaces for 60 visitors. 

3. operation hours: The current operation hours of the place of public worship is Monday to Friday 10:00am to 3:00pm and Saturday 8:30am to 6:00pm with a maximum of 30 visitors. However, we have noticed the temple was at its’ busiest on Sunday and there were activities during night time on week days. We are concerned that these activities will increase to the large number of visitors DA-315/2021 will attract to the temple. 

4.  the proposed structure and the appearance of the temple in DA-315/2021 is in stark contrast to the residential areas in Shelley Street, Bryon Street and Tennyson Street. This will significantly impact on the harmony of the local community and also make local residents feel discomfort.  

5.  privacy & Security: after the re-development of worship and new library and new classroom, more strangers and visitor will be attracted to the local community. This will raise security concerns and discomfort for the local community. 

6.  noises: the increase activities and visitors resulting from the proposed developments in DA-315/2021 will disturb the residents in the local community, especially during Chinese New Year, Chinese cultural dates, special Buddhist events and the weekends. This will particularly affect the residents who are working night shifts such as nurses and taxi drivers. 

7. the demolish of the existing structure and construction of a two levels temple with an underground will cause disruptions and noise pollution for the local community during the construction process. 

8.  the residents within the local community are already unhappy with the existing temple, a larger temple as proposed in DA-315/2021 will only aggravate the existing situation. 

9.  the Daisy Children Service Centre on 2 Tennyson Street is situated across the temple. The Centre have big concerns for the young children’s safety, health, and religious impacts. 

10. the smoke and smell from the incense burnt at the existing temple has caused air pollution in the area and caused major discomfort for the residents, especially for those local residents who has asthma!  

11.  the value of the surrounding real properties in the area will decrease as properties situated near a busy temple is not attractive for non-Buddhist buyers. Whilst we respect Buddhism and support religious freedom, the residents within the local community do not wish to live near a temple. A number neighbours intend to move away from the area if DA-315/2021 is approved.  


The local residents oppose the DA-315/2021 and request your support in preventing the new development of public worship from going ahead !

171 have signed. Let’s get to 200!