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Stop Needless Pet Legislation - Let us keep our PETS!

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Toronto city council is seeking to amend current animal bylaws by adding a "positive list" of species we are allowed to keep and removing the current prohibited list. We cannot and will not allow such unfair legislation to pass.
The current prohibited list has been working just fine and this is another attempt from the extreme animal rights agenda to further remove our animals we love (exotic or domestic) out of our hands unnecessarily and unfairly !
This illogical approach to animal control is logistically impossible to manage fairly. There are hundreds of thousands of species of animals which would be prohibited unfairly with no valid reason and would be impossible for animal services to control. If you own any birds other than budgies or canaries, any reptiles other than a green anole, any small mammal other than a hamster or rat, etc....
As loving animal keepers, Aviculturists, Herpetologists,or Aquarists we must send a message to those making decisions that we demand FAIR policies, practices and legislation.

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