Stop NDIS from rolling out "Independent Assessments" of people with disabilities

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My name is Sue and this is William, my son who relies on the NDIS to live an ordinary life in our community. As a mum and someone who has worked in the disability sector for years, I’m baffled by the government’s new announcement to standardise assessments of people with disabilities. This move puts our most vulnerable more at risk. I’m calling on Stuart Robert, Minister for Social Services and the NDIS, to stop this from being rolled out.

The NDIA is introducing independent assessors to replace the input of health professionals when applying for the NDIS and for yearly reviews and any life changing events. Now, someone paid by the NDIA will “assess” the applicant’s disability in 1- 4 hours and use standard assessments to decide the funding they need. This is madness. Is this a conflict of interest? Where has choice and control gone?

It takes years to build trust with one’s health provider. The close understanding this relationship helps foster cannot be replaced. I know from personal and professional experience, that everyday is different for people with disabilities and mental health issues. It is nearly impossible for anyone to understand every aspect of someone’s condition in under 4 hours!

Trials were conducted in NSW but was only done on 513 persons. I was informed this was done in an area where it was hard to get allied health providers. No wonder it was successful. How can results from a trial with just 513 people be applied to 400,000 diverse people with disabilities across Australia?

The new assessment will focus on capability, instead of disability. This goes against the principles of what the NDIS was meant to be. We all fought for years for a better system. Although not perfect, it is better than the old system we had before. In an attempt to standardise the NDIS, the government is mechanising this process, at the cost of adequate care. The outcomes of each assessment has far reaching, real impacts for people. We cannot have a one-size-fits-all policy.

Please sign this petition to tell the Government that this is a backward step. Let’s unite together and stop this new policy from being implemented.  No need to donate any money we just want your support. We know people are struggling