STOP NC Ban on Smokeable Hemp

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N.C’s smokable hemp ban is delayed until May 2020, yet could pass as law. The hemp industry supports many livelihoods of NC residents and has positive effects on the lives of consumers.

Legislators are trying to classify natural Hemp Flower (Smokeable Hemp) as marijuana, an illegal, controlled substance. Legal hemp products are lab tested to make sure they are truly Hemp. Law enforcement can easily establish infrastructure to decipher between hemp and marijuana.  They can prove the difference through utilizing test kits/devices and lab test results.

Hemp Flower is not marijuana, it does not get you high. There is Hemp Flower (Smokeable Hemp) that has 0% delta-nine THC detected. Hemp flower is the correct term, NOT smokeable hemp.

The majority of CBD extracts/derived products are from the naturally occurring hemp flower. Hemp flower is in compliance with the federal THC limits. The derivatives contain the same amount of the controlled substance as the raw flower. There is no difference between smoking hemp flower and consuming cbd oil if they are in compliance with the federal limit.

Legislators are also considering a $250,000 bond requirement for hemp handlers to process other growers hemp.  If a grower is processing only their own product from their own grow they are exempt.  There is little to no insurance for hemp-cbd this would only allow for titans of the industry to obtain more market share and possibly monopolize.

Take action now, SAY “NO” against N.C’s ban on smokeable hemp!

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