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Write a Letter To Brian Macdonald to Stop Supplying NASCAR

Did you know that a typical NASCAR race car gets about 5 miles per gallon fuel efficiency during a race that lasts for 500 miles. There are 43 cars that usually drive in a race which means more than 6,000 gallons of gas is used in one race (Finnely).


                Welcome to our petition, the final goal of our petition is to get NASCAR off of the sports channel. But our first goal is to successfully write a letter to a large sponsor of NASCAR. The sponsor we have picked is Sunoco. Sunoco has been in a long-term deal to be Official Fuel of NASCAR. Sunoco has already been the gasoline manufacturer for more than 30 racing series (Our History).


                The Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer of Sunoco Inc. is Brian P. MacDonald. This is who we are writing the letter directly to. He has a lot of past experience in financial positions such as “Chief Financial Officer and Senior Vice President of Sunoco Partners LLC from April 2010 to March 1, 2012 and served as its Vice President until March 1, 2012. He joined Sunoco Inc. from Dell, Inc.”(Brian MacDonald) He probably has no idea what kind of damage the NASCAR races are doing to the Earth. If he did he would probably cut off the sponsorship. That’s what we are here to do.It would be crazy for us to go after the President of NASCAR because he is making so much money right now off of people watching, sponsors, memorabilia, etc. Our goal is to take out other companies supporting NASCAR so they are not making money anymore so they will stop racing.



Letter to
Stop NASCAR Air Pollution
The CEO of Sunoco Brian P. MacDonald
Dear Mr. Brian P. McDonald,
We the students of Northview Heights Secondary School agree that the car racing NASCAR organization is causing a lot of pollution. Its negative affects to society is bigger than its entertainment level. As the CEO of the only gasoline supply company Sunoco, we believe you can make a big difference in the POLLUTION issue cost by NASCAR. In order to operate all the racing cars in the NASCAR game, burning gasoline is essential, but the cars’ exhaust are creating a huge amount of CO2 which will trap a lot of heat energy in the earth atmosphere which one of the main causes of global warming. We are pleased that you can understand our side, please try to stop NASCAR by giving up your support to the NASCAR events, and let’s protect the environment together.
Carl Li & Chris Ingham

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