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Stop Murdering Babies

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Everyday more than 3,000 innocent, helpless babies are murdered in the USA, in many cases ripped apart, from their own mother's wombs by doctors whose primary function should be to preserve life. Many insist it is a mother's right to do with their body as she wants, it is her choice. But there are two human beings involved in this decision: mother and child. Shouldn't each baby have a chance to live? Wouldn't you as an unborn baby want life?

It is a well established scientific fact that the life of a human being begins at conception in the womb.  What is the difference between a human being and a human person? What is the difference between a born human and an unborn one that justifies killing the latter?

Our society doesn't legally allow people to choose to murder children or adults. Why do we consider the unborn baby any less valuable?

Is it their size? Should we murder short people?

Is it level of development? Should we murder people who are not mentally or physically developed?

Is it environment? Should we murder people because of where they live?

Is it level of degree of dependency? Should we murder a toddler because they are dependent on someone to provide for them?

No human being – regardless of size, skin color, level of development, race, gender, or place of residence – should be excluded from the community of human persons. To do otherwise is unjust discrimination. To advocate the murder of unborn babies is to deny that all human beings are valuable and deserve protection.

There is no substantive reason relative to the baby's life for this to continue. Millions of couples want these babies even if the baby's mother does not. Most are willing to provide for the needs of the mother during their pregnancy. Surely these babies deserve the same chance at life you have been given.

If you agree, sign this petition. Also, contact your Federal Congressional Representative and both your Senators to insist that they co-sponsor the Life at Conception Act today. Stop the daily massacre of these precious babies.

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