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Ask your elected officials to protect our food source and the farmers ! Farmers need to be made aware of the liability they are taking on with Monsantos new Technology Stewardship Agreement. As absurd as it sounds farmers are now being required to sign this agreement before getting Monsantos seeds, shifting all the liability for future crop contanmimation and any damages from the use of these seeds to the farmers.

Farmers are now purchasing a newly formulated GM (Genetically Modified) Alfalfa for Spring planting whose seeds lie dormant in the ground for 10-20 years, making it impossible to remove their toxic affect from the environment. All future generations will be adversely affected. Liability for any harm caused as well as permanent contanimation of the Farmers land will fall on the farmers and not Monsanto !

Genetically modified seeds are destroying our source of original seeds as given by the Creator to sustain life on earth and replacing them with highly toxic pesticide infused, mutated seeds which are killing animals, destroying our plant kingdom and making humans suffer a multitude of health problems, including infertility and allergies.

NOW MONSANTO wants the Farmers to be responsible for Monsantos lack of accountability in their seed manufacturing technology ! This is a criminal act upon Farmers as well as us as consumers and Monsanto MUST BE STOPPED !

SPREAD THE WORD to ALL FARMERS YOU KNOW  ! as well as all people you love and care about !

Watch and share this excellent video on the subject.

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U.S. House of Representatives
U.S. Senate
PLEASE use your power as our elected Representatives to protect our Farmers, the American people, our children and families, including your own, from the proliferation of Monsanto's toxic GM seeds.

New genetically modified Alfalfa crops are now being seeded for Spring crops. Alfalfa seeds lay dormant in the ground for 10-20 years making it impossible to remove their long term toxic affect upon the plant and animal kingdom from the environment. Monsanto is forcing Farmers to take all liabillty for harm and damage created by these toxic seeds in their new Technology Stewardship Agreement which Farmers must sign. It is time for all this GMO non-sense to stop before any more irreversible damage is done to the immediate and future availability of original heirloom God given seeds. Survival of the human race is dependent upon a healthy food source. Any benefits to GM seeds is greatly outweighed by the permanent harm and damage that is being done to our plant and animal kingdom and the health of the human race.

Please use your good common sense and your power in authority to protect American citizens and farmers. Immediate action is the only prevention from permanent damage to the health of the human race. Action on this subject would be the greatest legacy that you could leave behind during your term as an elected official.

Thank You !

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