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Stop Monsanto and Dow using corn genetically engineered for dangerous herbicides

Dow Chemical and Monsanto are seeking FDA approval to use a genetically-engineered corn that is tolerant to the herbicide 2-4D.

We'll present this petition to the FDA to ask them to disallow approval.

As a biologist and scientist, I am not against technology, or even genetic engineering.

However, this application of genetic engineering is dangerous. Worse, it is motivated by profiteering for shareholders, and not for any pressing agricultural need. This is not about feeding people. It's about creating new revenue streams, ROI, enhancing shareholder equity, blah, blah. Certainly it isn't good science. Why? If Dow and Monsanto get the go-ahead, they will have a corn strain that is resistant to 2-4D, a chemical that was the primary constituent of Agent Orange. During the Vietnam War, US aircraft sprayed hundreds of thousands of tons Agent Orange as a defoliant. Today, the Vietnamese in affected areas are still suffering the effects.

You see, Dow and Monsanto will tell you that 2-4D is not especially poisonous. You'd need about 2 ounces to kill a person. And it degrades in the soil quite quickly. What they won't tell you about are the horrific birth defects caused by the chemical. In Vietnam today, more than 40 years later, people are still living with the ghastly consequences of this chemical. Are they, you ask? Google "2-4D birth defects vietnam" (without quotes) and see what comes up. Moreover, 2-4D is a known carcinogen, causing deaths from cancer many years after exposure. The Chicago Tribune ran a series of articles documenting the effects of Agent Orange on Vietnamese farming communities. Here's the link. (Be warned, it's heavy going.)

Help put a stop to this greed at the expense of our health and our children's health. It's bad science and bad for people.

Sign this petition today, and let the FDA know that we, the public, are knowledgable, engaged and against Dow and Monsanto sacrificing our future for the benefit of their shareholders. Please sign right away, since the period for public comments ends April 27, and we will need to present the petition by then.

PS If you want to comment individually, you can do so on the FDA website:

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