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Maneka Gandhi, recently in Parliament while responding the trafficking question, mentioned about men , women and 'others' or 'TG' when Supriya Sule from congress corrected her that ' stop mentioning transgender people as others, they are human being and they have to be addressed as transgender people'. We understand that so many parliamentary members will be still not aware about the transgender people, however we demand Maneka Gandhi'  for her over the top giggle on the word 'others'. This was mentioned in extremely derogatory form towards the transgender men, women and other community members and it shows how dismissive parliamentary ruling members can behave towards the sexual minorities. we immediately demand for an apology in this regard and we shall not tolerate our humiliation in the public platforms. Especially in the Parliamentary forums where we are still awaiting for approval for two 'Transgender Bills'. 

On 15 April 2014, four years before the highest court of India The Supreme Court acknowledged the transgender people as 'Third Gender' and its been last four years we are still waiting for our rights, equality and respect. It has been time and again, public authorities such as Menka Gandhi has mocked our identities because as a transgender person i have been victimized as 'transparent glass'. It hurts the community and deepens our humiliation in public forums. Menka Ganghi has been voted by several transgender people as well to sit in Parliament, to talk about our issues and represent us in positive manner. 

We demand our respect and we demand immediate sensitization of the MLAs and Parliamentary members on transgender issues in India ! Transgender people are human being and they deserve same respect as men or women ! STOP having giggles over their identities Maneka ji !

Today 30th July 2-18, 'World Day Trafficking Against Person' and our transgender community becomes huge victim of the trafficking due to the flesh tread, Nationally Transgender people are vulnerable for HIV and affected because almost 85% of transgender people are subject to violence and rely on sex work due to lack of opportunity for employment and trapped in vicious circle of structural barriers. Today we demand liberation of transgender women from trafficking and demand our dignity. Shame on those who are disrespectful to our existence and our visibility. Trans Rights Are Human Rights !

#TransRightsAreHumanRights #ManekaGandhiApologiseToTransgenderPeopleOfIndia #STOPHavingLaughOnOurGender